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About Vavaa

I have been doing hair since I was a kid growing up in Haiti and I came to America in 2016. Shortly after arrival, I enrolled in cosmetology school to increase my skills to elevate my passion for hair care. 

As a stylist, I started to notice many of my clients suffered from alopecia, baldness around the hairline, thinning hair due to medication or overuse of products, slow-growing hair, dandruff, and many more conditions preventing them from feeling their “best selves.” 


Seeing their pain, caused me to reflect on my time with my grandmother teaching me about herbs and oils used to treat the hair and scalp. I grew up learning about the medicinal properties of natural ingredients, and how to infuse them into each other to create remarkable results for clients.


I curated a recipe that addresses all hair challenges and has since helped clients reverse hair issues in a short period of time.

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